Color Changing Shower Head w/ Negative Ions(Free Shipping)

"With those magical anion mineral balls in it, it is no longer just a shower head."

"Transforming the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light. for bathroom, to make it more fantastic." from a satisfied customer

 Offers Easy Installation!

 No Batteries and External power supply needed! Sources power through water stream!

 Thermal Sensing Technology! LED Light will change colors according to water temperature! Intelligently reminding you of the water's temperature!

 ABS electronickelling material, excellent corrosion resistance, durable.

Cold water (temperature below 31°C), LED light color will be Green;
Warm water (temperature between 32~38°C), LED light color turns Blue;
Hot water (temperature between 39~45°C), LED light color turns Red;

Note: When the water temperature is higher than 45°C, the Red light will start flashing, which means that the water is too hot and allows you to be careful.

 Anion mineral balls has the following functions: Massage: pressurized body spa skincare; Healthcare: Negative ions spa function

CE & RoHS certified.

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